Taran to the J

Autobiographical Poem

Welcome to my life by Taran Johal
Welcome to my life. It is more fascinating than making water into wine.
From the second I wake I hear myself yawing to sleep.
It reminds me that "I probably should of slept last night, instead of going out." 
"Through the haze and the daze that lead to lonely ways," I always look around and all I see is people getting blazed. 
This makes my proud, my mind set is not there. 
When I'm happy I'm super gitty.
This is my life not yours, you don't know my story.
Your deinition of what life means is different than mine cause in my world you live like it was your last hour. 
Wecome to my life. For fun I like to race, drift, and go dumb.
It makes me  happier than a mother looking at her newborn baby.
In the electric heaven I call god and let him know I might be up there any day now.
No point of living if you don't live, life.  

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